How to make money on Instagram

Making real money on Instagram can be a tough act. People sometimes asked me on Twitter and on other channels, "can I really make money on Instagram?". Beforehand I reluctantly said no. But then an idea sparked my mind.
Loads of people want to make money over this rapidly expanding photo sharing application, so why isn't there an app or a platform which can help juice some cash out of it? I did some quick market research (aka few Google searches). For my surprise I didn't find a single website that sufficiently filled this gap. Of course then I checked out some Google Trends relating to the topic. Everything seemed positive.

So I built a platform where people who have a large number of followers on Instagram can actually make money.
And here we come to it. Let me introduce Sponsorgram.

Sponsorgram connects Instagram influencers with awesome brands.

The point is that there are tons of companies who would love to advertise on Instagram but they can't yet because Instagram doesn't let them yet (source here).
And there are loads of users who would love to make a little cash on Instagram.

The idea is to connect these brands with these users to create a platform where companies can reach out to users who are willing to partner up to do incredible sponsorships which are hugely lucrative for both sides.

An Instagram sponsorship can be a simple product showcase (ex. a photo of a morning run while wearing Nike shoes ) or a link to the companies profile (ex. a link to the travel agency who is sponsoring you while you are on holiday). The possibilities are endless.

So go ahead and apply for early access here.

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Is Search Engine Optimization dead? (Join the debate!)

In the past few months I have been asked this question a millions of times. It's a very hot topic to discuss, debate. With the help from the new debate platform ChilledLime and it's embedding function, we can discuss it right here on AkosBlog, without moving anywhere.

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How to get more followers on Twitter

The title of this presentation makes it seem like Twitter is nothing more than popularity contest and I suppose that in some respects, this is true. However, when you can differentiate yourself from the others out there by using Twitter to provide worthy, expert information, there is nothing shallow about it. Everyone has to start somewhere, so here are some tried and true tactics to get more Twitter followers.

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How To Get Massive Traffic From Forums To Your Blog


Oh forums, they were the main discussion places on the web for years and I am sure this will not change for a while. They are great places to exchange experiences and disclose information. But how can we - online marketers - profit from the populartiy of forums? In this article I will show you!

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How to write magnetic headlines that get thousands of clicks

Want to write awesome headlines that get clicks?

Yep, that's all you need! Of course a bit of creativity and luck is also a good thing that you need.

Okay let's start with some killer examples of magnetic headlines.

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AkosBlog is one year old!

The AkosBlog.com domain was bought exactly one year ago!
This is a very special event for me! One year into this blog!

This way I want to thank all of my readers, followers/subscribers and guest writers for all of their support!

It was a very nice year!



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The future of the Internet

Most people in 2012 think that the internet will stay the same for ages. Everyone will hang out on Facebook, search for information with Google, stay up-to-date with Twitter, buy everything on Amazon, watch videos on Youtube and blah blaah blaaah...

Internet Splat Map

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